Thursday, December 2, 2010

Underproductive program?

We need convincing evidence to lobby against trimming of foreign language programs and the misperception that language programs are "underproductive." Read the article below to see why we need to showcase value of FL education (with evidence!).    

An article in Chronicle of Higher Ed by Gary A. Olson (Dec 1st, 2010): 
"Many colleges and universities are re-examining their curricula and assessing what should be trimmed and what should be enhanced. Generally, institutions are scrutinizing three key areas of reform: general-education requirements, requirements within majors, and underperforming programs.

The dire financial situation for higher education in most states has accelerated the process of streamlining, especially the elimination of weak programs. The University of Maine created an Academic Program Prioritization Working Group to analyze which programs to cut, and in what order, to meet budget reductions while maintaining high-priority academic programs. The group's final report is appropriately titled "Achieving Sustainability."
The State University of New York at Albany recently announced that it would close programs in the classics, French, Italian, Russian, and theater. Student demand for those programs is ebbing nationally, and many institutions are finding they don't have the budget to keep marginal programs afloat."
Click here to read the whole article in the Chronicle of Higher Ed: